Masters in Applied Science (Social Ecology)
Post Grad Certificate Career Development                                        Degree in Adult Education
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
Certificate IV Mentoring Diverse Cultures (Indigenous)                          Certificates in Welfare and Counselling
Dru Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. (4 years)
Post Grad certificates in pre natal yoga training 
Qualifications in Meta Coaching; N.L.P; Neuro-semantics, Community Leadership and Permaculture.

Kim is a lover of life, of people and of learning.

For over 30 years Kim has worked in the fields of education, counselling, coaching and personal development.  She has worked for and in, community, government, academic and private organisations.

Kim is a founding director of World Youth International www.worldyouth.org.au an Australian charity which provides opportunities for people to live and work overseas in developing countries as volunteers on numerous community development projects. In the past 20 years Kim has facilitated many leadership and community development programs for W.Y.I. both in Australia and overseas as well as leading numerous programs to countries including Russia, Nepal, Canada and Peru. Kim is the creator and facilitator of the Soul Journeys™  program to Peru.

Kim has long had an interest in the connection between mind, body and spirit particularly in the area of healing. In the late 80’s Kim regularly designed and facilitated ‘Humour for Health’ workshops for health professionals, through the Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Sydney University professional education programs. Kim’s business H.A.H (How About Humour) was one of the very early initiatives in Australia promoting the value of ‘good humour’ and laughter for therapeutic benefits. Kim’s Masters thesis at the time was titled “the Spirit Laughs’ which explored and acknowledged the wholistic  power of 'positive' emotions and humour to heal.

Today “Laugher Clubs” are to be found throughout Australia. Kim continues to combine the wisdom and practice of good humour and laughter in her yoga classes, coaching services and wellness corporate trainings and today combines this knowledge of positive psychology with Dru yoga to assist those suffering stress and depression.  In April 06 and April 07 Kim presented workshops entitled Dru yoga: from depression to self empowerment at the Women and Depression international conferences in Sydney. In 2010 Kim contributed a chapter to the book entitled Women and Depression, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

In the early 90's Kim co- established Working Together Pty Ltd a training and development business specialising in valuing diversity, cross cultural communications, conflict and change management and mediation. Working Together was an affiliate of the Conflict Resolution Network and Kim designed and facilitated numerous training programs for corporate, government and community clients as well as providing workplace coaching and negotiation services. Working Together was commissioned by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation to complete a 12 month research project to access information of past experience in Australia and Internationally, of agreements which might inform a document of reconciliation. While with Working Together Kim co authored  and published a training manual "Valuing Diversity: Facilitating Cross Cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution"

       It was not until January 2000 that Kim discovered the benefits of Dru Yoga.  In her 40’s she was invited to help transport the World Peace Flame (www.worldpeaceflame.org) from Sydney to Melbourne for a Peace Celebration.  During five special days of being constantly ‘with’ the World Peace Flame Kim heard of the Life Foundation, Dru Yoga (www.druyoga.com) and the profound emotional healing work that was being done in war torn countries using Dru Yoga therapeutic techniques. As a counsellor, coach and educator Kim is always keen to hear of new methodologies which are easily accessible and effective and was excited by Dru. Shortly afterwards Kim  began her comprehensive four year Dru Yoga teacher training program and a new found relationship with self.

In June 2009 Kim was offered a wonderful opportunity to work with indigenous communities in Darwin, Northern Territory. Kim relocated from the South Coast of NSW and last year presented a paper at the National Women and Work conference entitled: "Closing the Gap between policy and practice: employing Indigenous women in the NT"

Today Kim continues her work as a facilitator, life and career coach and offers services in:

  • Facilitating corporate stress release and 'wellness' workshops
  • Dru yoga retreats and classes
  • Coaching services and yoga retreats for those wishing to explore practical spirituality and take ‘time out’ to reconsider their purpose, passion and pathways in life!