As you may already know, coaching is a powerful, professional partnership designed to assist you in creating a life you love living! 

I love coaching and bring to our partnership my extensive experience and training in Meta coaching, NLP, Dru yoga, counselling, adult education, social ecology and personal and spiritual development plus loads of life experience!

You may already know exactly what you want for yourself, are clear on your goals, values and direction and recognise that working with me as your professional coach can help you achieve the goals you've had trouble achieving on our own.

Perhaps you are not clear - feeling restless, frustrated, anxious or depressed - knowing that there is something more to life and that's what brings you to this page.

Or maybe you're feeling out of balance. Juggling the time you spend with work, family and time for self and celebration? 

Where ever you are now is the perfect place to start!

Choose from one of the four options below.


  • If you are clear on what you want - just need help staying on track to reach your goals then contact me today and let's get started! .... Click here for more information                  


  • If you haven't taken time out for refection and life planning before (or for a long time) then perhaps you will enjoy the My  Mandala workshop process!  I will work with you to create your own sacred mandala or life map which can be used as a powerful tool for gaining clarity on your purpose, passion and pathway in life.  From there you may choose to enrol in a full coaching program or take the new insights and tools you'll gain from this process and start creating miracles in your life!.... Click here for more information                                                                                                                                              
  • If you are  feeling out of balance the lifestyle and wellness coaching program will help  ... Click here for more information


  • If you are feeling anxious or depressed we can work by SKYPE and utilise both Dru yoga and coaching tools to assist you move from Depression to Self Empowerment ....Click here for more information        


During our coaching sessions you can rely on me to:

  • believe in you
  • assist you become really clear on what’s important to you and then help you set significant personal and professional goals for yourself (if you haven't already done this)
  • help you break down your goals into 'do-able bits'
  • assist you develop new skills, attitudes, beliefs and habits
  • help you stay motivated and moving along your path to success
  • run alongside of you, or gently provoke you into achieving your personal best
  • give you specific and valuable feedback and offer new perspectives
  • be focused on your needs and help you stay focused too
  • listen with ears, eyes and heart to hear both your spoken and unspoken messages
  • challenge, provoke, encourage and support you in examining your inner and outer world through high quality questioning
  • offer you a range of powerful, practical, effective tools for transformation from the fields of Meta coaching, Neuro Semantics, NLP and Dru Yoga.  Tools for engaging your body, mind, breath and spirit  in a wholistic approach to personal transformation.