Lifestyle and wellness coaching program

Congratulations for deciding it's time to make some changes to bring your life back into balance.

You may be aware of where you are out of balance and simply like support regaining your equilibrium in one specific area. Or you may choose to complete our carefully structured 8 session coaching program to review your complete lifestyle and wellness goals.

This program utilises both the Meta Coaching System and the Chakra Coaching™ system and allows you to gain insights and awareness into where you are out of balance and then supports you in re-establishing or increasing your skills, beliefs and abilities.

You will:

  • establish clear and focused goals, direction, sense of life purpose – and strategies for how to achieve these goals.

  • discover new ways of thinking through utilising tools from Neuro Semantics, NLP, yoga mediation and visualisation. 

  • engage your body and emotions as vehicles for growth and change through the use of Dru yoga -including many simple body movements and breathing techniques to help you access courage, peace, joy and overcome those emotions of the past which tend to hold us back such as grief, guilt, anger and fear.

  • learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, and self sabotage patterns, so as you can fully express your uniqueness and gifts with family, friends, colleagues and beyond

  • connect to the wisdom within - mindfulness- though inner calm and balance

How does the lifestyle and wellness coaching process work?

Our first meeting is absolutely free and provides an opportunity for you to begin to explore your goals, expectations and needs and to decide if working with me is a ‘comfortable fit’ for you. It also provides an opportunity for me to outline my role as your coach and clarify any questions you may have about the coaching process.

We then determine how often you would like to meet by phone or in person and establish a contract for working together.

Generally a coaching session will last for one- two hours and be held once a week or fortnightly.

Contact me to set up a meeting time.

“Start treating yourself as your most valuable asset!”

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