'Stress and Stretch breaks' and Wellness Workshops from 15 minutes to a full day are ideal for long business meetings, conferences or as a treat for staff and clients at the end of a busy program.

All programs designed and delivered to suit your needs.

Staff or conference clients will enjoy the many benefit including:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence and team building
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating the team fast – especially in times of stress
  • Enhancing productivity by clearing aches, pains and emotional stress
  • Creating clarity of mind and improving concentration and focus – especially in times of heavy work demand
  • Accessing inner strength and untapped abilities to achieve peak performance
  • Accessing fun, creativity and wellbeing
  • Starting the day with intention and focus using  mediations and movements
  • Ending the day with movements and visualizations to anchor the outcomes

Kim is a qualified life coach, adult educator and workplace trainer with many years experience in the fields of teaching both yoga and wellness programs in the workplace.

In the late 80’s Kim regularly designed and facilitated wellness workshops for health professionals, through the Cumberland College of Health Sciences, Sydney University professional education programs. Kim’s business H.A.H (How About Humour) was one of the very early initiatives in Australia promoting the value of ‘good humour’ and positive thinking  for therapeutic benefits. Kim’s Masters thesis at the time was titled “the Spirit Laughs’ which explored and acknowledged the wholistic  power of humour and other 'positive' emotions. Today this field is known as positive psychology and “Laugher Clubs” are to be found throughout the world.  

Kim has recently:

  • delivered workshop at the International Women and Depression conferences in Sydney (2006 and 2007),
  • provided early morning yoga and visualization sessions for senior corporate executives on retreat and planning weekends
  • workplace yoga classes
  • workplace wellness coaching end of training day reward workshops as an alternative to 'drinks at the bar'

"We all really enjoyed the class. I had many comments on how good it was. It was an excellent balance for people who had never (or rarely) done yoga and those who had lots of experience. Very relaxing and a good end to a long day of sitting around"

 Gabrielle, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources

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Kim's qualification details
Masters in Applied Science (Social Ecology);
Degree in Adult Education;
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
Certificates in Welfare and Counselling
Dru Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. (4 years)
Qualifications in Meta Coaching; N.L.P; Neuro-semantics, Community Leadership.

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