Depression is one of the fastest growing health concerns in the world today. As a dru yoga teacher and professional life coach and counsellor I have been assisting people who are feeling depressed for many years.


In 2006 I was invited to present a workshop at the International Women and Depression Conference in Sydney and the workshop was so popular   I was invited to present the Dru yoga workshop again in 2007.

Women and Depression book - released May 2010

In 2009 presenters from the Conferences each contributed a chapter to a book entitled Women and Depression.  This book makes  an extremely valuable contribution to understanding and treating this world wide health problem.  This book has just been published and to order a copy please indicate your interest below. I can provide a 10% discount to you if you order direct.



Dru Yoga: from Depression to Self Empowerment Workshops

During depression we often experience a sense of separation or disconnection from ourselves and others. The word 'Yoga' comes from the Sanskrit verb yuj, which means to yoke or unite. Yoga is a perfect natural remedy to the stresses of life and a powerful and gentle means to help us reunite with life and reconnect with ourselves and others.


Dru yoga has proven to be particularly effective for alleviating stress and depression. Dru Yoga techniques have been offered in detraumatisation workshops in war zones around the world since 1995.

In 2005/2006 a Dru Yoga International Survey was conducted and the findings particularly relating to mental health included…

  • 89%  found Dru Yoga helps them overcome stress,
  • 93% - were better able to handle negative thoughts,
  • 83% - found a greater ability to handle their emotions,
  • 84% - experienced a positive shift in their mood,

One  or two day Workshops

I am currently living in Darwin and working with indigenous Australians.  However this workshop can be  conducted for you and your friends, your clients or professional associates anywhere upon request. All workshop participants will receive a  copy of the "Depression to Self Empowerment"  course notes and a range of gentle dru yoga movements and breathing techniques to help you move from depression to self empowerment.

All of the yoga movements and breathing techniques in the   From Depression to Self Empowerment  workshops are easy, fun and effective. They are designed for everybody no matter what level of physical fitness you already have. Practicing even a few of these movements and breathing patterns a few times a week will begin to have a positive effect on your body mind and emotions.

Coaching Sessions

As a qualified life coach and counsellor I have worked with many people experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression. I am able to work with you by SKYPE to discuss your needs and provide  valuable tools from from both Dru yoga and Meta coaching frameworks  to assist you move from depression to self empowerment.  Please contact me through the form below to arrange a good time to talk.


About Kim

Kim holds a Masters in Applied Science (Social Ecology); Degree in Adult Education, Welfare, Counselling, Life coaching and Workplace training and assessment Certificates . Kim is also a qualified Dru yoga therapist who has been working in the area of emotional healing  for over 20 years. In the early 90’s Kim regularly conducted Humour for Heath workshops for health professionals through Sydney University, Cumberland College of Health Sciences. More recently Kim has been using both Dru yoga and Meta Coaching to assist people move from  Depression to Self Empowerment.

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