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Dru Yoga is essentially a Yoga of the heart.

Dru is a unique form of yoga designed for the 21st Century yet rooted in the ancient yogic traditions. Dru Yoga is characterised by beautiful, gentle, flowing postures and movement sequences that release the energy blocks that often underly painful emotions and dis-ease.  The therapeutic physical movements of Dru Yoga are enhanced by the use of breathing techniques, mudras (hand gestures), affirmations, meditation and concentration techniques, visualization and relaxation. 

Dru Yoga is a holistic approach to uplifting and healing your whole being.  Dru Yoga is effective in not only maintaining optimum health but also as a complement to other therapies in treating a wide variety of health issues. Many people also practice Dru Yoga as a self-development tool.

Dru Yoga is successful because:

  • It is easy and fun – anyone can do it regardless of age or fitness
  • It is very effective at reducing stress and enabling relaxation
  • It accesses and enhances the power of the heart, creating a feeling of wellbeing
  • It rebalances and revitalises the body, mind and emotions
  • It helps to counteract the demands of a constantly busy and challenging lifestyle
  • It offers methods for transforming negative thoughts and feelings into positive.

Recent Survey of hundreds of Dru yoga students and teachers

The results of this recent survey are a dramatic indication of the effectiveness of Dru yoga for body and mind health and healing. Details of the survey results and much more information about Dru yoga is available on this site click here.

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Tuesday night at the Dragon Sisters workshop space at Sadgroves Crescent,  Winnellee

Monday   - 5.30 - 7.00pm

$15 per class

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