The experience of creating and nurturing a new life is a powerful and precious gift. These dru yoga classes are especially designed for you to have an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the joy and journey of parenting.

Our approach to pre natal yoga is gentle, warm and  heart-based. Classes are flowing movements, integrating movement with breath and positive intention.

Pre natal yoga classes are all about taking the time to make your experience of pregnancy more comfortable and joyful. Consciously connecting with your growing baby and learning practical ways to move, breathe and stretch to help prepare you for the experience of childbirth and motherhood beyond.

The classes provide a safe space for honouring the many physical & emotional changes taking  place in your body and your growing baby.

During the classes you will learn effective self help tools to:

  • ease back pain and other pregnancy related aches and problems
  • improve concentration and focus, thus supporting the birth process
  • help balance the emotional swings of pregnancy
  • manage anxiety
  • improve breathing and digestion
  • encourage optimal foetal positioning in preparation for labour postures
  • tone the body, strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles and keep the body flexible
  • use the breath to connect with your baby
  • prepare for a healthy, mindful, more joyful  birth
  • create deep relaxation and a peaceful, calm state
  • prepare to trust the miracle of birth

Throughout the class we’ll also provide a supportive space in which to share information and knowledge with other mums to be.

Weekly prenatal yoga classes
These classes are terrific for women of all levels of fitness; both new comers and experienced yoga students and for first to many time mums. Classes are held each week on a Thursday evening at Fannie Bay.

NB I am currently living in Darwin and will not be returning to the Shoalhaven for some time. These classes are available in Darwin.

Casual classes  $12 or prepay 5 classes $50

Thursday class  5.45 - 7.15pm

Monthly prenatal yoga for partners classes
These classes are a wonderful opportunity to practice prenatal yoga with your partner, mum, best friend, or birth assistant. Learn with your partner the many ways yoga stretches and breathing practices will assist to bring you comfort during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth.

$30 for each pair. Bookings Essential

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